This is for a common work on Peace of the VALUES VALUES EVERYWHERE project partners

Happy thanks to being peaceful human,
Also interested in myself ,nature,social studies.
As well as solving local issues,
I always find myself in international problems.

When a living creature is in need,
I can't be the one who ignores.
Supporting and caring are the elements,
That make a human being realize himself.

Have you ever noticed that
The nature is in peace itself.
Why are there all these wars,
The conflicts,the disaggreements.

Esenay KASIM,Karatay Fevzi Çakmak Kindergarden School,Konya,TURKEY

Posted by esmira
Whoever are you,come again,says Mevlana
Even if you have broken your vow thousand times
Walking to the future covering the faults
A strong promise hand in hand for a brighter world

Peace means so many things
As well as brotherhoodness,
Accepting today,releasing yesterday,
The ability to handle the conflicts altogether.

Fatih UĞURLU-Konya Çimento Fine Arts High School,TURKEY
Posted by Fatih UĞURLU (fatih--2007)
P...eace is love

E...nd of war

A...bsence of hostility

C...alm feelings

E...normous smile

Barbara Gromek-Oleksy, Szkoła Podstawowa nr 13, Jaworzno, Poland
Posted by kropka99

Peace is the heaven we are looking for

Peace is the struggle we should be fighting for

Peace is the wing that we can lean on safe

Peace is the word the wind breeze waves


Peace is the word our heart whispers for

Peace is something we need more and more

Peace is the cure for the dreadful wars

Peace is the end of all our sorrows

Violeta Panev, OOU Vlado Tasevski, Skopje-MKD

Posted by violeta68

This message on peace for youth of today,adults of tomorrow,
This is just a start but not the end.
The most essential part of humanbeings life is
Peace,peace building trust for young and old.
Peace means an end all the wars,conflicts
As well as crying babies,broken families.
It is an end all the hate and sorrow,
Holding hands to see the colourful rainbow.

Gevher UĞURLU/Konya İsmail Hakkı Tonguç İmam Hatip Secondary School
10th elementary school of Aigaleo
Posted by kiriakiii
No matter where we live

No matter how we feel

But the matter

How we live

We are human

Living in peace

Humans' first need

We are human

We need peace